For the last while I’ve been dealing with what appears to be GERD (reflux acid from the stomach going up the esophagus).  This often results in scarring of the throat and worse.  The cause can be both physical and stress related.

My physical symptoms would be easy to deal with if it were just pain.  The nausea is what concerns me more.  I end up distracted and sometimes left in a fog.

Funny how mentioning this to a group you soon find others with similar conditions.  You can place yourself as to the severity of your symptoms based on their experiences.  I’ve learned that I definitely have the outward signs. 

In a week or so I’ll have a scope go down my throat and look at what is happening.  Should be fun – in a warped sort of way. 

For the moment I’m on various medications and trying to see how well balanced they are.  The last two mornings have been less than stellar – maybe that’s what morning sickness is like?

So, my hope is to awaken tomorrow a little better.  We’ll see!