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As the day ends

Monday, September 14th, 2009

The last week has been hectic, emotionally draining and now completed.

With that, I’m slowing down.  Once again today I pushed work on my father’s estate forward.  Much is still to be done as I serve as executor.

So, for bed and basking in sleep I look forward.  Good night all!!

The weekend

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Very well.  That’s the word that comes to  mind.

The funeral was eventful – one of those events that will remain in mind.  My father was well honored.  The family contributed in immense ways.  Mom was able to be there in ways we do not fully understand.  This morning our church congregation was understanding and came alongside us.  They joined in that same sympathy with another couple who had lost their father last night.

Now, may God give us all rest and re-freshment.

Flying light

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

At 7:40 this morning Jill and I were on the road.  First to Rosetown to drop off forms for a doctor as we continue on the quest to complete my father’s will.  Then to Moose Jaw to pick up the cremated remains of my father.  Finally to Lafleche to meet with my sisters and finish off details for my father’s funeral.

All in all, almost 10 hours on the road.  But, as the day passed those were hours of relaxation, listening to inspiring music and talking together.  I do not wish a ten hour drive on anyone, but if you must, go with an inspiring companion – and in a car that makes 40 – 50 miles to the gallon (or around 8 liters per hundred kilometers)!!

All that stuff

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

A death in the family relates you to more than just your family.  As an executor and pastor of the local church where the funeral will be held, I accrue other duties.  I’ve been around town more than once.  Worked on a Sunday sermon.  I will have visited a lawyer, funeral director, friends, and family.

So, for a reprieve we hung out tonight with our AWANA group – grades 1-4 kids that are just fun to be with.  For 2 hours we forgot pressing matters and pressed on to the “fun” stuff of life.

Now I’m home.  Our lawyer has just dropped off some papers, I’ve completed some letters, read condolences, heard of meals being prepared for us and now, I am going to bed.  Tomorrow we head off to the land down south to visit relatives and stop by another funeral home. 

This has been an education — one which brings new appreciation for the work of those who assist and comfort us at the death of a loved one!

Thank you!

Dad passes

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Today, September 8, 2009 at around 11:40, my father, Calvin James Baker, passed on.  Passing from this life to the next was a thing of welcome for dad.

I have said to more than one person that I have had a great example in my father.  He loved his wife with a fierce loyalty, his children and their offspring with passion, his friends with devotion and His God with delight!

I will miss him.  In my elementary school days he was the one who played, in my teen years he was my support, in my early years of work and marriage he quietly advised, in my later years he became an equal for whom my respect was great. 

I pray you will have those type of models and examples in your lives!

Night time wak(e)ing

Monday, September 7th, 2009

My father is in the last stages of his life.  Last night I sat with him for a time, headed off to rest, and returned in the middle of the night, sat for some time, rested again and returned once again.  In one of those times between I also started work on some legal issues that will need to be addressed in dad’s will.

My ability to remain focused has been spread thin.  One thing leads to the next and you just follow the trail that is present. 

In and Out

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

I had planned on talking about our trip to Montreal Lake in today’s post.  Just a short jotting to say that meeting with the people involved in the new church start at Montreal Lake/Timber Bay was exciting.  They have much going on.

But, having just arrived back in Kindersley, we are planning on heading down to LaFleche after morning church service tomorrow.  My father was in for medical tests this week and the doctor says he has cancer.  Dad is ninety, and does not plan on taking any treatments.  No real prognosis yet as to how long he will live.  We’ll visit with him, and I’ll work with my sister and my father on making sure all the legal issues are current and up-to-date.

So, quick in and quick out.  Life has a way of using the unexpected to increase our faith in God and to push us to rely on Him.

A view

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

As I was speaking to a group this morning, I mentioned that my father homesteaded just “over by the bluff of trees.”  Afterwards one of the group said I was pointing the wrong way.  Instead, I needed to come up to his apartment and look out from their piazza (nice term for balcony).

Four floors up and a clear view of the surrounding fields.  We peered to the west, and there was the homestead.  Amazing how much one can enjoy a view for miles and miles and miles.  A field was ripening just below us.  Off to the north was Walmart peeking out of the ground.  To the south is our local park/dam. 

When you view the landscape from a height, you have to enjoy what you see!  This is truly a prairie scene, a land of the living sky!

To last forever

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

In Psalm 90 (my next sermon) God is proclaimed as having been before the birth of the universe until eternity – that’s God’s lifespan.

We get a mere 70 years, or 80.  Those who reach 90 can attest to the decline in life as the years increase.

What would it be like to last forever?  What would it be like to exist like some plastics which we are told are non-biodegradable?  What would it be like to be everlearning, evereating, everlasting?

I guess I have a hard time understanding that.  I think I am built with the second law of thermodynamics in my bones.  But in my spirit .  .  .  I’m built to last forever.  Someday my body will catch up – or at least a body with a new format – one that is programmed to last forever.

For that I’m glad.

For tonight, I’ll take my acid inhibiting medications and walk to my room on metal knee replacements. . . looking forward to forever!!