Communication, cooperation and consideration

As our local general Christian ministerial meets this Friday we will be considering the level of cooperation we will have.  For the past year there has been a fade in terms of meeting and attempting activities together.  Smaller groups within the ministerial have been meeting, but as a whole we seem fractured.

This trend is evident across the globe.  Where there has been an attempt by Christian denominations to come together around like causes and a sense of brotherhood (oops, that’s a word that isn’t inclusive enough!), now there is a return to the realization that doctrine and practice are equally important.

Issues such as abortion and homosexuality are just the tip of the iceberg.  Many push back to an understanding of the Bible as primary for belief and practice.  We even hear the same words, like God and Jesus, being defined in completely opposite ways.

Is there a place for cooperation?  For us here, we will need to communicate with each other and decide what are terms of consideration are. 

So Friday, a local seniors residence will provide the general ministerial with a breakfast meal, we’ll hear how we can contribute to the lives of the tenants of the residence, and then the ministerial will sit down and talk.  Amongst themselves, about themselves, for the sake of themselves!  Let’s pray for clear words, open hearts and God given direction!!

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