What makes a culture?

You may notice by the word “cult” in culture that something distinctive makes a society what it is.  Not that it’s bad, or even jarringly different.  But there is something that an onlooker can detect.

Yesterday I headed to a “glow bowling” night with our youth.  Now, I’m naive enough to think that this is about bowling.  WRONG!

As I walked in the dress code was apparent.  And I had missed it!!  White T shirts that glow with ultraviolet light.  And yellow highlighters that, when written on skin, stand out in that same ultraviolet light.  Interestingly, when the regular lights are turned on you don’t notice the mustache that has been placed on an upper lip, or the words written on bare arms.

Of course, you will also often be subjected to “funky” bowling.  Lying on your belly, or left-handed, or through the legs of your team.  That game was less than stellar!

In the end, the yelling was inspiring, the bowling less so, and the fun great!  And next time?  I’ll wear a white T shirt!! 

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