Thirty years of Walkman

Thirty years ago the Sony company created the Walkman.  My parents bought various configurations of this portable tape player.  Doing dishes, walking, on the plane . . . you could listen to the music you wanted and tune in to the speakers you were craving to hear.

Now, thirty years later the MP3 player and the Ipod have taken over the function of the Walkman.  Some children have never experience the Walkman.

So, when the BBC asked a 13 year old to swap his MP3 player for a Walkman, you have to know cultures and antiquities will collide.  The outcome?  Supposedly it took the kid 3 days to figure out that there was another side to the tape.

And if you are asking, "what is tape?", let me ask another question — have you ever heard of vinyl?  And not that stuff on your mom’s kitchen floor!!

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