A good death

Tomorrow morning I will give a meditation at one of our local seniors complexes.  I’ve know a number of the residents for these past four years, worked with some of them on inviting the developer to come to town.

Now, I’ll spend time talking to them, not of dreams of a home here, but of a home to come.  And in light of that home, the ability to die a good death. 

Someone has said that pondering death is one of the best things we can do.  I’m becoming more convinced of this.  Death reminds us we have eternity to follow, if we follow Jesus.  Our aches and pains remind us that we want that eternity.  In the midst of all this, the certainty and imminence of death reminds us that we are accountable for what we do now.

I’ll use my father’s recent death to illustrate this – I’m bringing his 1937 Bible, a recent book he was reading and a scripture memory system he used.  In the end his end was just a beginning.  A good death for a life of eternity!!

One thought on “A good death

  1. I so agreew with you…death is one of the things that I ponder on a regular basis; especially with all the chronic health issues I must deal with while I live here on this earth. Some say it is morbid, but I too think it reminds me of how much I am looking forward to eternity with Jesus.

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