So, we lost!

I’ve taken the day.  How do things crash with no time left?

The Roughriders had the last play of the game to salvage a win.  Just keep the field goal from heading through the uprights.  And they did.  But with unfair advantage, too many people on the playing field.  A “do over” proved to be the nail in the coffin.

In the living room those gathered had yelled at the prospect of winning, then suddenly the room was deadly silent as we lost.  I was ready to go home.  A few minutes later we stepped out to go to our car.  People from other parties were headed to their homes. 

No yelling, no honking horns, just slow evenly paced steps.

The day after?  Well, it is just a game and I didn’t have much time to reminisce.  But now, as I sit at the computer, I’m reminded that struggles in life can seem so near to victory and be so close to defeat.  Fight the good fight and let the final score be left to someone else!  We are called to be faithful.

If success were all in the scoreboard . . . interestingly today I feel we won!  The team came back and stood as a team at a celebration in Regina.  Score cards fade but people remain.

Besides, there’s always next year, or eternity if it takes that long.

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