Monthly Archives: November 2009

Cycle of life

As things go, things go!

From the days of youth I have always been a morning type of guy.  This past year has proved differently.  With various symptoms and ailments my mornings have been less than sterling.  My evenings became the spike of activity time – although that is relative. 

This last week I have felt much better and the mornings have returned.  By 7:30 this morning I was out of the house and off to work. 

The interesting things is how perspective changes.  Previously I would have expected that I could just keep going.  Now, doubt is next door to activity. I’m much more guarded in expending energy.

And I’m starting to live by the adage my 70 year old friend confirmed to me this week. 

“Whatever does not get done today will still be there tomorrow!”


As I began work this morning, I knew it was a day for endings and for beginnings.

Our church secretary has been able to move to a more secure position in her second job.  So, today she completed her 2 1/2 years with us.  She has be faithful and completed the work she was asked to do.  Almost sounds like a commendation from the Bible!! 

And so, we had pumpkin pie and beverages.  A present that Jill and I had picked for her.  And as the hours completed the last day, we said good-bye.  To the job but not to each other.

The rest of the day was one of preparing for another day.  Monday will see a new face at the desk – for an interim time period.  As we reconfigure the job I trust for God’s guidance and others graciousness.  And my this lead to a new valley of opportunity!

Thanks, Tracy, for all your help!!

Into the night

Tomorrow we visit the estate home in Lafleche, Saskatchewan.

Tonight is preparation.  Clothes, tools and electrical cords.  All need to be in hand for the work of the next day or so.  I look forward to this as a time of relaxation – as well as work on the estate.  In all a holy vacation – a holiday where we vacate our house to head to another house.

Remembrance Day

This week I’ll have a dual Remembrance day.  Besides the time to remember those fallen and currently in war zones on my behalf, I’ll be staying in my recently deceased father’s house in Lafleche, Saskatchewan.

One of our parishioners was used for a poster in the Second World War.  At 91 he is not the robust man of years gone by.  But for many, his and others’ lives are on view for us.  Our freedom of movement, expression, and dare we even say, religion, was defended by them.

My father was a conscientious objector in the Second World War.  This past year, at 90, he died.  For many like him, he sought to find a new way to peace.  This was brought into his approach in family life, work and church.  He walked the second mile for many, and gave more of himself than anyone who demanded a pound of flesh from him.

Both these men are on the peace continuum.  I trust, should I be faced with a decision to participate in a war, that I, too, would trust myself to God and seek His direction that peace may be found on this earth.

Nothing to write?

As the day ends I’m almost at the end.  Time to wind down and turn in.

Beginning work at 8:30, with fits and starts throughout the day, 10 hours of work related activities have gone by.  From administration to small group meeting to youth group activity to sermon preparation.  Oh, and of course there are the talking-with-people times as well!! 

All in all a good day!

The joys of computer conversion

This is not about spiritual conversion.  That seems like a simple matter. 

When it comes to the various formats of computer files, the list seems endless.  I have just downloaded an mp4 movie – high resolution and ready for use in church to promote a prayer day.

My usual DVD authoring software can’t seem to digest the format.  So off to the ubiquitous GOOGLE.  There I’ve found a few freeware programs.  I expect in the next few hours to have figured out a way to place this on DVD.

In a perfect world we would just turn on the TV, click a button and out would project the video of the day.  In an imperfect world, we just keep searching for that one product and end up with a smattering of programs stretched across our desktop.

I guess it could be worse.  I remember programming in FORTRAN IV with punch cards!!

Stress and stomachs

I guess my medical tests shows that stress is the main contributor to my stomach problems.  Work on exercise, watch what you absorb personally, and bring the stress level down. 

So, I’ve got my work cut out for me.  Not that I didn’t expect this – its just that you hope there is another explanation – like cancer or something simple like that!!  This requires patience and perseverance and proper evaluation of my own life stressors.  And admitting that I can’t do everything.  And just maybe, letting God have more of the burden – which is where I probably should have started in the first place!!

The retro look

Halloween has just passed! 

On Friday we were in a second hand store that was selling Halloween costumes.  A group of kids were looking for costumes, the type of thing that I wore back when I was their age.  These “costumes” appeared to be all the rage for Halloween for these university students.

So . . . here is a picture of me taken in 1974 (35 years ago).  Some of you will have to guess which one is me (I actually had hair).  Wouldn’t you want to wear a leisure suit like that?!!

Sound Alliance 1974

Extended Sunday

The last few decades saw churches close out their Sunday evening meetings.  For various reasons, the Sunday evening is being revived.  Not in the same pattern, but with groups and activities that just close off the weekend.

We’ve seen this with sessions we are holding called the Truth Project.  Somewhere around a third to half of our congregation are participating. 

In many ways this arises in response to weekend activity patterns.  Most people are able to be out of town, or at a meeting, or scheduled in some way during Saturday and Sunday.  The evening of Sunday most people are back home, and available for a closing activity.  One that is encouraging, that prompts community and leaves you ready to attack a new week.

That’s my hope for these next few weeks.  So far, so good!!