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  1. I have sat and with interest read your blogs back to when Calvin went home to be with the Lord. It was nice to see the picture of Tim. I remember many years ago when a group of you came and sang at the allience church. Yes you had hair. Many wonderfull memories of a week at Sauble Beach . Visit with your loaded car coming into our home in Orangeville a Volva car I beleave Mary would wash all your hair and bath you all in the plastic pool in the back yard.Grandma and Grandpa Baker were always a part of our life attending Baker reunions when in Ontario and always visiting them in Kindersly When going out west. We miss our chats with Calvin and our family members gone on before .We gave up our car as we turned 8o years .Merry Christmas to all there and to my Sister Mary Who I Love dearly Stewarts .Owen Sound. Wallace is haveing memory problems they call it Sundowners God Bless. Lorena

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