Jill and I have been holiday-ing right here in our home.  Works great if you don’t step outside!

But we did. 

We headed to the store today and met one of our friends.  They reminded us that we are on holidays and hadn’t expected to see us here in town.

Our best reply?  “You really don’t see us!”

Which meant we at least talked a bit, met some other friends, updated life and generally did all the things of regular life in small town Saskatchewan.  Meanwhile, I feel no need to rush off to the church office, to visit a long list of people, or to spend copious amounts of time doing strategic planning.  Basically a good game of Scrabble, a 5o piece puzzle, friends for supper and fun work well for me.

And so, right now I’m sitting writing a short note on my blog, content to let the world go by, and looking forward to turkey supper (as if for the very first time!!).