Yesterday, December 29th, would have been my father’s 91st birthday.  As I pondered throughout the day one theme hit me – “What happens when an umbrella is taken away but the rain continues?”

Subconsciously I have lived with a covering over me.  My father was always available for comment, encouragement or companionship whenever I needed him.  As his years waned and mine increased, that input was not often needed.  We both had our own paths. 

But every once in a while I would turn to dad for a word or two.  Dad was also a faithful reader of this blog.  Between us we kept track of each other.

His death in September of this year has pushed me to a transition.  Seasons of life bring new challenges.  Often the challenges are similar in fashion to other ages.

As I completed my teens I sought to disengage and to become an “adult”.  In my early parenting years the desire was to raise our children “our way”.  As career aspirations continued into the years of productivity I could see my own “vision” emerging.  Each of these meant less direct input from my father.  But there still was the recognition that he was available when days got rough or wisdom was needed.

Now, with his direct influence gone, the rain still falls.  Over the years, I’ve been raising my own umbrella — with dad’s encouragement. 

And, in a fashion reminiscent of my father, I’m trusting that my umbrella is also providing shelter.