Sermons on the Web

Finally, I’ve started to put my sermons on the internet.  They have been recorded for the last few years – digitally for the last year or so. 

The last few weeks I’ve had requests for a sermon or two I’ve preached.   Someone asked if they could access the sermon online.  I said we had CD’s but not web access.

Which got me thinking.  Partly because of an email my brother-in-law sent (a preacher in Oregon), I popped onto the Canby Alliance Church website and saw where they had made access to my brother-in law (Tim Barton) quite easy.  That led to a phone call or two.  The computer savvy assistant pastor, Kyle, pointed me to Sermon Cloud.

So, I have my first sermon on their site.  In the next while I hope to link from our church website,, to the sermons.  But, until then, head over to and type in Kindersley Alliance.  Up will pop the sermon text and a link to streaming audio, or to a download (using icons that hopefully you will understand).  Give it a try.  Let me know what you think.

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