I’m a person who loves to be active.  I love to plan a day so that one thing flows into the next.  I derive enjoyment from a productive day.

Then there are the days that are really meant to slow us down and recreate us – our sabbaths.  In a society that has no sense of sabbath, the external pressure to stop is gone.

Some of us, the older ones, remember days when Sundays found few stores open.  In fact, I remember Wednesday afternoons having stores closed.  Now some larger stores are open 24 hours a day, with maybe Christmas day closing.

I think I too easily slip into that pattern.  To break this, I listen to others (maybe not as well as I should).  I am also learning that the root of not taking a Sabbath often comes down to fear.  I fear that I’m the only one who can do a certain task, so I stretch into the day of rest.  Or I fear that what I do is the foundation for others, and that they need my help “right now.”  Maybe not!!

I’m writing this to remind myself.  As one person enjoined, “Start your week now.”  I’ll be looking for my sabbath this week.  Let’s see how it goes!!

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