15 feet high

My sister directed me to her Facebook pictures today.  She lives in the southern part of Saskatchewan where snow has piled up over the weekend.  Fifteen feet high in some places – like their driveway.  You can bodysurf down the drift!  You can’t get to town!

I was reminded of the stories my parents had told.  In 1955 I had been taken to the town hospital.  Their farm yard ended up being covered while I was there.  Their hired man (whom I understand lived elsewhere) came and picked me up.  He took me back and carried me into the farm.  There is a picture of some of those drifts.

In my mind I have always thought these were fictional pictures even though people were in the picture who could be identified.  Why my mind twisted that event, I’m not sure.  Perhaps it had to do with detachment issues?  Or the fact I’ve never seen that much snow on the Saskatchewan plains?

Well, today I’ve had to repent.  I now believe!

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