From Rick Warren, we receive a regular newsletter for pastors and leaders of churches.  The following is a quote from Rick’s Ministry Toolbox newsletter #411 – directly from the mouth of Rick Warren.

I’ve told my staff many times we don’t want to hire anyone who hasn’t had problems in life.  They’re usually not very effective in ministry.  I want people who have been broken because their hearts are more likely to be broken with the things that break the heart of God.  God takes us, breaks us, blesses us, and then uses us in ways we never imagined.

I agree!  The older I get, the more I agree!

Here’s another thought from the same newsletter (not often you get blasted twice in one reading!)

Growing churches focus on reaching receptive people.  Nongrowing churches focus on reenlisting inactive people.

OK, still working on that one.  But something resonates with me – if we are not going beyond our current membership or previous members, something is wrong!

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