In preparation

The beginning of next week is a retreat time for Jill and I.  We’ll head to another land (province).  There we will meet friends, old and new.  We’ll listen to good speakers and music, sit by a fire (provided our room has a fire place), and rest.

I’ve been hard at work trying to figure out this thing called rest.  To sabbath is tough for me.  The people around me know it.  I know it.  I’m an active person – finding refreshing in doing something and not nothing.  To rest is hard. 

I’ve experienced rest in the past. 

I’ve taken time off. 

I know the benefits. 

So, I’ll work at being sure I rest. 

Such is the paradox of life!

2 thoughts on “In preparation

  1. just thinging of you and your family. One needs a spot of rest thats if ones mind can turn to quiter items like family and not work. Have fun We miss Calvin and also my sister, but do hear through Brenda.Lovingly ‘In Christ” Lorena

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