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Slippers at the door

We live in a house with wooden floor.  Well, we upgrade the sound of those words and call them “hardwood.”  The look of the floor is great, cleaning is a breeze, but the temperature can be cold on bare feet.

A month or two back we mentioned this when we lunching at one of our local seniors complexes.  One lady just volunteered to create some “universal” slippers – one size fits all.  Margaret then headed out to some relatives a few provinces over and the conversation was forgotten.

Until about a month later.  A package arrived by post / courier.  In it were 10 knitted slippers.  Not the few we had considered sufficient – but twelve!  So we made them available to visitors.  Then about a month later another package arrived with another 10 slippers.

20 in all!

What a blessing!  Today we had some visitors over.  Two of them immediately accepted the slippers to use. 

So, if you’re coming by our place, feel free to ask for a pair of slippers to use.  We wash and sanitize each pair of slippers after use.  They come in various colors which will brighten your day as you walk our floors.  And they will be a great accessory for your visit!!

In memory

What sticks with us?

Tonight I was asked to spell a word – CHIRAC.  It was for a crossword my wife was doing.  The French president followed Mitterand. 

As I began to spell the word it was as though I could see the letters sitting on a canvas.  Perhaps I had the word in my memory banks from a previous time. 

I often wondered how people can have photographic memories.

Well, my guess is my brain can’t develop whole pictures.  But maybe a few letters at a time.  I’d be satisfied with that.

Now, if I could just remember how to spell – “GO TO BED.”

The year A.W. Tozer predicted

Aiden Wilson Tozer was a Christian prophet of the last century.  His books are read across denominational lines – his denomination was the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the denomination in which I serve.

Here is a quote taken from his book, Of God and Men, published in 1960.  The prediction relates to 2010!

“We must have a better kind of Christian soon or within another half century we may have no true Christianity at all.” (p. 36-37)

Perhaps God is sparing us because there is a remnant of people who truly desire to follow God.  Despite my imperfections, missteps and sin, I am one of those.  May God continue to give me, and others who desire to be a “better Christian”, wisdom to reach this world with the good news of Jesus, and not some version of Christianity that is a mere shadow of what God intended!!

A quote in time!

With all the traffic over the internet and in emails I get overwhelmed with forwards, quotes and information.  I think we are in the information age where the delete button is a great help.  At the same time, every once in a while you find something that hits you as a great universal thought.

Here is one of those quotes found tucked in an email devotional I received recently:

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

Haiti and Hockeyville

Here in Kindersley we are after the $100,000 that comes with being proclaimed Hockeyville by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).  Some think it has almost become exploitative, based on the emotion of this past week and the fire that activated a rush of community adrenaline.

Then, today, we hear of Haiti and the earthquake that may have killed 100,000 people.  They need funds and fast!  Is our $100,000 worth 100,000 lives?

That’s what I’m hearing. 

Now, I support the rebuilding of an arena and an arts and culture centre.   I just want to be sure we do not incline so much towards our own interests that we lose sight of human tragedy. 

Perhaps we should pledge that upon receipt of $100,000 from Hockeyville, we as a town pledge to give an equal amount to a worthy cause regarding a human plight somewhere in this world?

Worship after the fire

Sometimes grieving and hope mix.  Our community is in such a state. 

A historic arena burned to the ground (see previous posts).  In the midst of grieving the loss of a meeting place, we also are looking forward to a replacement, hopefully in the near future.

On Wednesday a non-denominational service, sponsored by our ministerial, will take place. 

Due to a previous commitment, I will not be able to be there. So, I joined with the planning group today.  We talked of songs and scripture of encouragement, of thankfulness for protection, and of how a gathering for the community will be a good thing.

If you are available, 7:00 pm at the St. Paul’s United Church here in Kindersley!

New Marc Cooper Music CD arrives

Marc Cooper, my wife’s brother, is an innovative musician.  Jill’s claim to fame in his career is that she taught him his first guitar chords.  Since then – well her contribution would be an ice cube in the iceberg that has emerged.

Marc’s music is amazing!  He can do almost any style, and knows what makes up that style (he’s a creator more than just a copycat!).  The CD he sent us was recorded during the time when his wife was in the midst of a debilitating illness.   As he wrote to us – “I hope you enjoy it – it was recorded during her illness and became essential in soaking/intercession music for her and her class on intercession.”  

The title of the Album is “Receiving and Transmitting”.  The seasons of sound go from Soaring and Resting, to Dream and Journey, to Open Sky and Embracing, all bookmarked by the tracks on Receiving and Transmitting .  This is Marc’s contribution to the Christian prayer that emerged during his wife’s illness.

The CD is  instrumental – all written and performed, engineered and produced, by Marc (the marvels of digital equipment for guitars now-a-days).  This is not a “home recording”.  Professional to the “nth” degree. 

This is not for everyone.  Here is a description of the music:

Organic ethno-fusion of acoustic/electric guitar for listeners that love to meditate, dream, have visions, and experience healing through music. Be prepared to be taken on many journeys to far away places.

Here is the website where you can order the CD  or listen to a preview

Kindersley kicks off 100 years

Today, at a 4:00 meeting, our town kicked off it’s 100th birthday.  My grandfather was a part of the original town originations.  He would have like it named after himself, but Lord Kindersley was probably quite pleased to have his namesake on the town.

Now, 100 years later we are ready to build a new outlook based on the legacy of the past 100 years.  Part of experiencing the energy of this town is an effort to provide a facility of excellence for the community.  If you are interested in donating towards a centre for arts, cutlure and sports you can email  Mention my name – they may not know who I am, but they won’t mind your money!!

Consequences of a fire

What a hoot! 

Today we headed to a local store.  There, posted on the door, was a paper stating that the Town of Kindersley was under a “boil water” order.

Due to the extreme amount of water used in combating the fire of our local arena, the pumps from the river (where our water is pumped from) were open full throttle.  That meant that water flowed through our filtration system faster than the filters could work (perhaps).  So, water samples are headed to the lab and until we have a clean bill of health, we are boiling our water for at least five minutes.

Enjoy water from the tap, if you are in a location where your water has that clean bill of health!!

Dire Fire

That was the story of the day.  Our local ice hockey arena went to the ground.  This meant one rink and parts of a second were devastated, as well as damage to the curling rink.   Interestingly, the Scotties provincial curling tournament was on at the same time.  They’ve moved to a town 3/4 of an hour down the road.

West Central Events Centre fire - Jan 8, 2010

This is quite the study in small town grapevines as well as the internet.  A picture of the burning rink came onto the local radio station website and soon the page with the pictures was down (probably too many hits??).  Meanwhile people were phoning, and talking, and seeing each other, and sitting gabbing at hair salons, and drinking coffee and chatting.  Now, as the sun goes down, the word is that this was an accidental fire started by repair people, that funding for rebuilding may come from the NHL players association, that a new complex will arise from the ashes, that the 100th celebration of the town will now be a time to gather round and build something new!! 

We are a town of eternal optimists.  We’ve claimed to be a city for 3 or 4 decades, and the census never verifies our optimism.  But does that stop us?  NO WAY!  We press on to greater glory – Kindersley, the town that could!