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Bookmarking my day (where I examined a book library of a friend and culled files), Jill and I headed to a small town to have lunch. 

The town of Hoosier has about 11 people in town.  The “Hoosier Lunch and Munch” is a small addition on the front of one of the homes.  The town has a small COOP store.  Otherwise, not much there!

At the “Lunch and Munch” there were four tables – one covered with newly painted Easter eggs and sundry items.  Local farmers and oil workers drifted in.  we arrived and the proprietor cleaned off a table for us.  With four chairs at the table, we positioned ourselves to take in the sun.  Single sheet menus were handed to us and the special pointed out on a small whiteboard fastened on the wall.

Then Roger and Walter arrived.  They were local farmers.  The other tables were occupied.  We were asked if we minded if they sat with us.

Not at all.  We chatted and ate together.  They had soups and their usual fare.  We had a Denver and Clubhouse with fries (a little too much fat and fries for our health, but sure tasted good).  We found out local lore, a way home by way of gravel and oiled grid roads, and how much fun small town can be.

Here’s a picture of the Hoosier Lunch and Munch – just for you!

Hoosier lunch and munch small

One thought on “Small Town Cafe

  1. Hi Ron, great review, wow, I grew up in Hoosier about one million years ago.
    This was formerly the home of my best friends, the Hawkins girls.
    It’s fantastic to see a business like this in such a small place and also that
    the Hoosier Co-op is still there and serving the community. Thanks!

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