I’m not much changed.

I’ve learned a lot today.

My sight has been tested.

All of the above statements are true.

As the day began we slipped over to our optometrist in Oyen, Alberta.  There my eyes were tested for glaucoma, cataracts and other names I didn’t understand or know.

Finally, drops were placed in my eyes to dilate them.  I could still read, but the real test was light.  Even the smallest amount seemed to magnify.  Finally, after the testing was done we headed home. 

I was told to wear sunglasses, but thought I would be alright.  I stepped out of the office door and realized the white building I was looking at probably had boards on the walls (or vinyl siding), but I could not distinguish them.  My eyes hurt with the light.  Hours later the eyes have returned to normal, and am I thankful that there is a normal.

If I needed further proof of an intelligent design, my eyes were opened to that today – quite literally.   God really is amazing!