A winter feel

I’m always amazed how quickly we adapt.  And how quickly we forget.

The last few days have been cold.  Prior to that we were overwhelmed with warmth in a month that normally is chilly.

How can a few days of warmth cause us to immediately dislike cold – cold which a few months previously would have been considered comfortably warm?

So, today our noon hour was warming as we stepped from our lunch hour respite.  And yet, things still felt cool.

To assert that warmth is on the way, I place my parka into “winter storage.” 

A great symbolic gesture that may need to be rescinded.  I was reminded of the July long weekend a decade or more ago.  We had traveled through the States.  There we were warned to “cover our tomatoes”.  Of course, we were mobile in a car and had no tomatoes to cover.  But we did stop at a motel where all sorts of reservations had been cancelled – maybe they were all covering their tomatoes at home.

I think there was only one other room rented out that evening.  We headed to the pool – which was outdoors.   Steam rose from the pool as we tried to remain warm underwater.  We rushed from the pool to our room for warm hot chocolate.  In the morning windshields needed to be scraped.

So, maybe March has been warm but we should be ready for cold – even into July!

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