I used to . . .

Once upon a time, . . . when I was younger!

I guess we really do slow down as we get older.  Not in our heads – we are still battling dragons – and winning.  But I’m not sure I could throw my leg over my trusty stead any more!

So, I now will set an appointment time for a rest at some time during the day.  I tell myself I’m just following Albert Einstein’s example – he used to take quick naps to refresh himself.  I tend to take a few quick naps together at the same time! 

Nevertheless, today I headed into a full day, and with about an hour or a bit more rest time, was able to complete a 10 hour work day.  A few years ago I could have pushed for a 12 hour work day.  But somehow, I don’t find that I “need” to do that any more.

Which reminds me that rest is a good thing – not an interruption but an infusion of strength!

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