Take me out to the ballgame!

What fun!

Slo Pitch is a sport which I have never really played before.  I was given a page of rules prior to this evening’s game.  I read (skimmed) most of them.

That came back to haunt me! 

In one inning I ran when I should have held.  I another, I touched home on the wrong plate.  In another I . . .

This was our first outing as a team.  In fact, we were still introducing ourselves to each other as we began to play.

Amazingly we had some great plays.  And also some real flukes!  In the end, the beer league other team were quite happy with their win.  We laughed along with them.

And the Rocky end may yet come.  We may meet them in the finals.

Or not!

I guess I’d better go read the rules!

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