Medicine quandary

Today was a dental checkup and cleaning.  The teeth now feel great and look even better.

In preparation, I was asked to take some antibiotics.  Two years ago I had total knee replacements.  The possibility of infection is a possibility, particularly in the first two years.

So, I was given a prescription.  At the pharmacy I gladly accepted four pills. 

The instruction was to take four pills one hour prior to the appointment.  I faithfully followed the instructions and downed the pills with water right on time.

And as the pills are sliding down my throat I suddenly ask myself – “Is this penicillin based?” With names that are used, you are never quite sure what the base is for the medication. 

I googled the prescription name.  My fears were quickly overcome.  The prescription would not cause an allergic reaction!

And so, I confidently entered my dental appointment!

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