Eckman in town

A weekend of seminars began this morning.  This is an opportunity to hear about, work through, think on the whole matter of addictions, family backgrounds, Jesus and our world.

Dr. David Eckman comes with great credentials – but more than that, he comes with an ability to teach hard concepts in bite size chunks.  His life is transparent to us – we know about his own family dysfunctions, his heart attack and clinical depression.  He doesn’t hold back on how Christianity displayed to others sometimes is distorted.

The upshot of the day has been some rethinking by many.  For others this was good confirmation.  For others this was a time to gather like-minded people into a room and let them hear and react with an understandable teaching

Loved it! 

And tomorrow, you can join us if you are around.  He will speak during a combined church service at the Kindersley Alliance church at 11:00.  An at 2:00 at a session held at the Kindersley Christian Fellowship!  Come join us!

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