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Cataract Confirmation

Monday, May 31st, 2010

When the lens is no longer clear, when haze surround and light diminishes – time for an implant. 

That’s the diagnosis today.  I sat in the optometrist/surgeon’s office.  We chatted about my vision.  He suggested that the right eye was definitely affected, the left eye not quite so much.  Both would be in need of lens replacement.

So, I will head towards a fix on the eyes in the next few months.  Both eyes – one first, then the other a few weeks later.

This is day surgery, suggested recovery time very short (with care taken following surgery, but no real “down time”).

I’m looking forward to this.  When everything is not as it seems, time to return to reality!

Coughs of the world unite

Friday, May 28th, 2010

This week I have run across a number of people who have been sick.  Sick and tired of coughing, colds, illness and general dis-ease. 

Now, I began to think.  What if we all got together?  What if we all shared one room?  What if in our togetherness we shared our common woes and common foes called germs and flus and little creatures with no names?

Surely the ideal of uniting this world together with one cause would be achieved.  We would now have the great opportunity of being equal with one another.  We would share the ideal of democracy and community.  We could all speak together with one voice . . .

If we could just stop coughing!


Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Yesterday I met our local bus.  I was there to touch base with a fellow whose mother had passed away recently.  He was just released from jail and would be going to a graveside service I will be officiating today.

As he stepped from the bus, a group of four youth surrounded him.  They were obviously his friends.  The chatter was immediate and friendly.  While I was not sure if anyone would be there, a community was present.

The talk was about staying clean, or not.  About police encounters and friends gone awry.  About new shoes and tomorrow’s graveside service.  About aspirations and hopes.  About things that bind people together.

For months there had been no direct contact.  And yet, the community was present. 

With care and concern, or with selfish interest, or with motives of power and prestige, or with a sense of codependence, or with a tie of blood relative – we will find ourselves in community unless we actively exclude ourselves.  Which makes it imperative that we choose who will influence us – for there is no doubt influence will happen.

Thanks for coffee

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

It was one of those days.  For months, quite literally, I have wanted to just sit down and talk to a friend.  This last week we tried to connect.  Saturday the timing was just a little off, Monday priorities arose, today we tried again.  We looked over our calendars and were pushing the end of the week.  Then my friend said, “Let’s meet at Tim’s right now.”

And we did.  We chatted.  I just like talking to him – he inspires my thoughts and refreshes my day.  I hope I enhance his day.  And so, we left after an hour, not sure when we will touch base again – but my hope is that it will be soon!

Thanks for the coffee!

My latest sermon

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

In keeping with this year’s talks I’ve been giving at church, I’m being challenged all over again.  Tomorrow reflects on eating the meat of the Word of God. 

For many years I’ve tried out a myriad of ways to hear God’s Word.  All sorts of different food have been on the table!  The more the merrier – suits my penchant for risk, research and development. 

But lately I’m wondering if there may be a only a very few ways, perhaps just one, that burrows me deep into what God is saying to me and through me to others.  If this approach were to take up a majority of my time in the pursuit of God, what would that look like?  What would it look like for you?


Friday, May 21st, 2010

I’m listening to one of those Christmas songs that do well year round.  This song was written by a Saskatchewan boy a few years ago.  Talks about listening to the story of Jesus regardless of time or place.

Instead of gearing up for Christmas, sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t stay in gear the whole year around!!

Freedom 55

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Yesterday I phoned our optometrist.

I had had some blurring of vision and haziness around lights during the day.  Two months ago I had gone for an eye test.  At that point the change in prescription was negligible.

Today, the change had become significant. 

I’ve been noticing an inability to focus my right eye.  And often finding that there were shadows in my vision.

The suggested solution?  Cataract surgery.  As soon as possible.

So, I’m headed off for further testing and consideration of what needs to be done on May 31st in Saskatoon.  There we will discuss surgery and I expect something to move forward by the end of the summer.

I have a new perspective on “Freedom 55.” 

At 55 I had total knee replacement in both knees.  Now my eyes are going.  I am now “free to fall apart!”

Freedom 55

Passionate Spirituality

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Natural Church Development (NCD) author, Christian Schwarz, has written a book on passionate spirituality.  In this book he talks about the idea that all of us approach God from our own unique aspects.  I’ve been testing this out on a few people, and I think there is a ring of truth to this.

My own approach is one of discipline in reading and studying the Bible and related theological works – that naturally leads me to God.  Others love to enjoy nature.  Still others get involved with people and find God in the midst.  Others systematize the Bible to create a systematic theology.  Others are mystical.

With all these approaches, and others, there is still a need to express this spirituality to others.  My understanding is that all of us who are Christians are a part of one body.  In that sense, we all work together.  We fight a common enemy, we encourage one another and we hold each other accountable.  It’s that part of accountability that makes it imperative that we have a way of showing others how we are doing in our pursuit of God.

And for that reason, we may find a poet who quits writing is in a dead space in their life.  A theologian who abandons his desire to write or expound or explain God is also in the midst of abandoning the pursuit of God.

For each of our own sakes, may we strengthen our approach to God and may we seek to help others to do the same!

All Together

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Our seniors group met today with 50 out.

They are a varied group, gathered from churches around town.  They enjoy our times together.  We provide a spiritual connection along with some very practical stories (things from bee keeping to missions trips).

Today was an opportunity to hear from our local Anglican priest.  He is just new to town and so we invited him to speak.  He shared his story – one that was personal and mature – he’s my age so has seen over a 1/2 century of life.

As the time finished he blessed us and I trust that God will indeed fulfil the intent that we will have peace and God’s face will shine upon us!

A turn of a phrase

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The other day I was preparing for a sermon.  In my research I ran across a phrase which continues to run through my mind.  I’ve begun to mold it to form my next series of sermons.  And I would love to have you thoughts or comments on what your first thought would be.

“We need to eat the meat of the Word of God, drink the fresh water of worship, and feast on the fruit of prayer.”