Passionate Spirituality

Natural Church Development (NCD) author, Christian Schwarz, has written a book on passionate spirituality.  In this book he talks about the idea that all of us approach God from our own unique aspects.  I’ve been testing this out on a few people, and I think there is a ring of truth to this.

My own approach is one of discipline in reading and studying the Bible and related theological works – that naturally leads me to God.  Others love to enjoy nature.  Still others get involved with people and find God in the midst.  Others systematize the Bible to create a systematic theology.  Others are mystical.

With all these approaches, and others, there is still a need to express this spirituality to others.  My understanding is that all of us who are Christians are a part of one body.  In that sense, we all work together.  We fight a common enemy, we encourage one another and we hold each other accountable.  It’s that part of accountability that makes it imperative that we have a way of showing others how we are doing in our pursuit of God.

And for that reason, we may find a poet who quits writing is in a dead space in their life.  A theologian who abandons his desire to write or expound or explain God is also in the midst of abandoning the pursuit of God.

For each of our own sakes, may we strengthen our approach to God and may we seek to help others to do the same!

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