Freedom 55

Yesterday I phoned our optometrist.

I had had some blurring of vision and haziness around lights during the day.  Two months ago I had gone for an eye test.  At that point the change in prescription was negligible.

Today, the change had become significant. 

I’ve been noticing an inability to focus my right eye.  And often finding that there were shadows in my vision.

The suggested solution?  Cataract surgery.  As soon as possible.

So, I’m headed off for further testing and consideration of what needs to be done on May 31st in Saskatoon.  There we will discuss surgery and I expect something to move forward by the end of the summer.

I have a new perspective on “Freedom 55.” 

At 55 I had total knee replacement in both knees.  Now my eyes are going.  I am now “free to fall apart!”

Freedom 55

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  1. Hey, little bro, Dad found that with cataract surgery he could finally see clearly. However, he ended up wearing glasses because he found it hard to read close up. So, he had the optometrist give him bifocals with clear lenses / reading glass prescription! The things we have to look forward to, eh? Good luck with the surgery!

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