Cataract Confirmation

When the lens is no longer clear, when haze surround and light diminishes – time for an implant. 

That’s the diagnosis today.  I sat in the optometrist/surgeon’s office.  We chatted about my vision.  He suggested that the right eye was definitely affected, the left eye not quite so much.  Both would be in need of lens replacement.

So, I will head towards a fix on the eyes in the next few months.  Both eyes – one first, then the other a few weeks later.

This is day surgery, suggested recovery time very short (with care taken following surgery, but no real “down time”).

I’m looking forward to this.  When everything is not as it seems, time to return to reality!

One thought on “Cataract Confirmation

  1. Nothing to it – no pain at all. I had both eyes done just three yrs ago and was amazed at the procedure. Nothing like going to the dentist !! No glasses except for reading now.

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