As we left perhaps the largest parade our small town of Kindersley has ever sponsored (about an hour long with everything from military displays to horses to square dancing to tractors to the closing firetruck and street sweeper), I began to wonder.

How many people showed up?  This is our 100th anniversary as a town so we have a number of visitors.

Now, there were eight blocks of viewing, two sides of the street.  So that is 16 blocks of people.  In our block there were approximately 10 store fronts.  We fit around 15 -20 people per store front.  So maybe up to 200 hundred people per block with 16 blocks would make around 3,200 people lining the streets.  Take a look at the picture below.  Maybe it is easier just to count the people?  And this is without the first block of people.

How many do you see?

Parade day, july 24, 2010 - small