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Worship singing

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

As I watch interviews I often see people having a fun time and spouting some inane drivel.  Late night talk shows tend towards this type of thing.  Afternoon talk shows can drive me crazy. 

But I like to listen to others when there is a nugget that sparks a new direction or thought.  Here is one on singing cross-centered songs in worship services.  The passion builds as you listen – and the thinking grows as you take time to cogitate on what is said. 

Multi Church picnic

Monday, August 30th, 2010

For days we had been watching the weather.  I’ve decided that’s much like watching a cricket decide where to jump next.  The only place it will go is where you don’t expect it to venture!

So, our weather forecast mid-week was for extreme rain and cold.  Well, we sort of got half of that.  The picnic was not bad if you dressed the layered look.  Otherwise, as Jill found out, the skin begins to turn purple and feel clammy to the touch.

Otherwise those who were able to attend (many decided the day was a little “iffy”), we enjoyed games, fire, and ice cream.  The ice cream was great, but the warmth therefrom was negligible.  And finally, the time to pack up and go home arrived!

multi church picnic cleanup august 29, 2010


Sunday, August 29th, 2010

I’ve just finished a sermon series.  The idea was to read the four biblical stories of Jesus (the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) in eight weeks (or the two months of summer).

Today I gave a final sermon in the series, attempting to summarize some of the big ideas from each book.  As I listened to the sermon over again, it struck me that this might be something others would like to listen to.  I haven’t seen the content of this sermon in other sermons (OK, I did use Brian McLaren’s Jesus Creed as part of the sermon, but that wasn’t really a sermon – technically speaking).

I called the sermon – Dust Jacket Jesus.  If you’d like to hear the sermon, head over to this site –   Click on the headphones to listen, or the down arrow to download the sermon.

After a rest

Friday, August 27th, 2010

The last few days I have been resting.  Yesterday was a true sabbatical.  Taken away from work, encouraged by co-workers, today feels like the beginning of a new week. 

And it’s only Friday. 

I entered a meeting first thing this morning.  For most there, this was the end of the week.  Thinking was like molasses in January – thick, black and slow.  As for myself, I sat back feeling like this was the headwaters of a stream of life.

So, there I was feeling like I was out of place – or more rightly – out of time.

And perhaps that’s what a sabbatical is all about – returning life to time.

It’s here?

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

With our wonky weather patterns this year, I’m not surprised. 

The temperature has been remaining around 14 degree Celcius all day.  As I mowed the lawn, the wind bit and the frosty nibbles on my ear felt like winter.

Can it be?  Winter is just around the corner.  Summer came in April.  And the April showers have been plaguing us all through the summer (?) months.  Fields have not yet turned golden and frost may soon decimate them.

For an almost desert land, we have been inundated with floods of rain.  As my wife mentioned:  “I wonder how much snow we will see?”

Don’t even think it!!

Watching the live cast of Rock the River

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

We jumped onto tonight and listened to Rock the River, a youth concert being held in Calgary.  While our youth group of 23 (including sponsors) were jumping and yelling, we were sitting here in our study tapping our toes and lifting our voices.  We even saw Jesse Bond, one of our youth, enjoying his time there.

Great stuff we can do with technology today!  To be with others while being away.  I still like the real face-to-face but the next best comes to you through the internet!  Not bad!!

They’re off to Rock the River

Friday, August 20th, 2010

23 brave souls are headed out.  To Calgary.  To hear loud music.  To serve others.  To have fun.  To come home exhausted.

Wish I was with them!!

Rock the River - Aug 20, 2010 - small

A satisfying day

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

As I completed the day, I spent two hours continuing the cataloguing of books for Tim Crump’s estate.  The earlier part of the day saw a first draft of my sermon completed, a few projects forwarded, and even the opening of a bank account for a local organization.

All this was good enough.  But then I sat down to organize.  Books, that is.  And my juices start to flow.  I tried to find a way to gather groupings of authors together.  And then, sought a way to arrange books that did not come in groups.  By the time I was done I had gained a further sense of the library I was working on.

So, if there is a book buyer who would love to pick up mysteries, World War II history (specialty in Winston Churchill), British monarchy history, Sherlock Holmes oriented books . . . and that’s just the core.  Then there is photography and Canadian history . . .

My wife shrugs her shoulders.  Not her bag!  But for me . . . close to paradise!

When the computer crashes

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Last week my work computer died.  No one shot it – it just died.  Probably should have shot it – but why add more metal to useless metal. 

So, another computer was pieced together for me.  With just the basic operating system and a few Windows programs.

Which means I had to reinstall a number of programs.  And had to find the application data.  Which is always tucked away somewhere on the hard drive.  Of course, the computer companies are not going to outline this in bold print.

Off to Google and the internet.  And soon I was given the information and health was restored to my computer system.

Which brings me to the great aid that the internet has become.  On a TV newscast today the item featured was nurses using their iPod touch to show patients medical information.  Instead of turning to older textbooks, the current place to find data is online.  The textbooks are outdated too quickly, the indexing too slow and just generally they have become obsolete.

May we never have a power outage, or an interruption to the world wide web.  In a few years that will spell the death of us.  

Current Read

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Drive by Daniel  Pink.

On of those books that, although I’m only started, has great promise.

I heard Daniel Pink over a simulcast at the Global Leadership Summit held by Willow Creek Association.  The talk was given by a self professed geek, who is an amazing speaker – dry sense of humor and lots of content.

His basic thing relates to the matter of motivation in getting things done.  He admits to the idea that the carrot and stick work for some efforts.  But the real motivator needs to be intrinsic (or as we gospel types would say – from the heart).

The true motivators?  Autonomy (let them go at it!), Mastery (do something you are good at and be good at it), and Purpose (we like to do what is significant).  Money as an incentive actually is proving to be a disincentive. 

Can we apply this to church?  Start accepting people’s ideas about the wild way they would like to do things.  Don’t necessarily look to give unexplainably high salaries, but rather give a significant mission. 

Well, that’s a start.