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Practice makes ?

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

For years I have arisen each day and placed glasses upon my nose.  The habit is perpetual, practiced and persistent.

Now, after cataract surgery, I only use reading glasses. 

Some mornings I wander back to my dresser to find my glasses.  Even though I can see perfectly well.  Even though I know in my head they are not necessary.

But I’m still looking for the ghost glasses that should be upon my nose.

Maybe that’s my halloween costume – a pair of ghost glasses no longer needed placed upon a willing nose demanded by a practice of decades.

I could stand, holding my candy bag open, pushing my ghost glasses up as I explain that this is indeed a costume.  This is nothing like what I would normally wear.  In fact, I have a totally new face, a mask people have never seen before.

Or, I can just stay home!

Inconclusive to date

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

The cardiologist says – “Let’s do some more tests.” 

With tests taken up to today, there was no real conclusion on my wife’s heart condition.  We know there are a number of potential problems creating a tightening of the chest, shortness of breath and tiredness.

So, over the next short while we’ll see what further tests can determine.  Perhaps this is continuation of congenital heart problems or, hard to imagine, this is related to just getting old.

Now, that’s a true sign of God’s grace.  Jill should have shuffled off this mortal coil years ago.  With her heart problems she should never have made old (or is the “older”) age.  And now we are here, thankful for the years and looking forward to more!

Back home – then off again!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I’m newly arrived in town from 30 hours off-site. 

Our senior pastor’s network (SPN) met in North Battleford.  We discussed plans for entry points into our communities, talked of our own lives and prayer needs and watched a movie together.  All good things that continued to bond us together and to help us disciple each other.

Tomorrow morning is another adventure.  My wife, Jill, has been experiencing heart troubles once again.  For over a third of a century I have lived with Jill knowing that her heart was fragile and had experienced problems from birth.  For all the obstacles to a “normal” life, she has been one of the most animated and active people I have known. 

But today, she was tired.  And has experienced this heart exhaustion more often lately.  We’ll see what our cardiologist says tomorrow – we’ll be visiting him at 2:30.  You can pray with us for clarity for the doctor and wisdom for us.


Mine Eyes Have Seen

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Surgery went well.  Even as the hours tick by, I’m seeing better and better. 

As I was warned, there is a redness that appears in front of the eye.  I understand this has to do with the bright light that is used during surgery.

As far as bruising or blood shot eyes, I’m in very good shape.  In fact, just looking at me you would not know I had eye surgery. 

I’ll continue a regimen of eye drops four times a day.  Within a few weeks, I’ll be headed to an optometrist to see what I can see.  From what I can see now, there will probably only be a need for reading glasses.  If that is so, I’ll be in very good shape.

Meanwhile, the sun in brighter, the leaves more colorful and my spirit is joyful!

An old past-time renewed

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

One of the fond memories of times with my dad was rummaging through junkyards trying to find just that unique and exquisite piece!  The piece didn’t need to be practical or useful.  Just unique.

Like the time we picked up some seatbelts.  They just looked neat.  Didn’t fit any car we owned.  Couldn’t be adapted to any car we owned.  Weren’t useful for any car we owned. 

But they were unique.

The time spent was not so much about the prize – this was male bonding.

And so today, I was reminded of the richness of life as we (my wife and I – this was marriage bonding!) wandered through Buck’s Auto Parts in Saskatoon.  The field was just abandoned car upon abandoned car.  Lined up in Ford, Chrysler and GM order.

We found the small parts we were looking for, extracted them and returned to the office.  There the owner looked over the treasures, said they weren’t really worth much and ushered us out the door with a smile and “no need to pay.”

What a day!  What a bargain!  And by that I mean a true bargain – the last time I picked up this part at our local GM dealer the cost was well over $100.00.

Came home and the piece worked perfectly.  Now, isn’t that a great day!!

Tried and tired go together

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

These past few weeks I have tried a number of new things.  From eye surgery to sermon approaches to differing daily routines.

Interestingly, the words in English – tried and tired. . . have the same letters.  And would appear at first glance to be the same words.  To persevere in trying is also to experience a sense of tired.

Right now, I’m tired.  Not exhausted.  Not discouraged.  Not overwhelmed. 

Just tired.

And trusting for rest in the next few days.

Another one of those things yet to try.  I’m off to cataract surgery for my other eye and when I walk out of surgery I will no longer need glasses (actually I may need reading glasses, but not much else).  The equipment that has graced my nose for the last fifty or so years will no longer be necessary.

I talked to another cataract surgery patient who had surgery the same day I did.  She is keeping her glasses because she is so used to them.  They have a blank lens, but they will still be on her face.

Perhaps I also will keep the frames when they are no longer needed. 

Somedays you just don’t need to change – it makes no difference – and who knows, you might look better with glasses frames than without glasses frames!

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

What a hoot.

Jill and I (she being the cook), watched a great series called “life unjarred.”  I’m sure they are sponsored by VH sauces.  Great recipes done in just a plain fun way.  Tickled my funny bone! (also found on YouTube!).


Sunday, October 17th, 2010

The town!

That’s where Friday had a youth conference related to drug and alcohol awareness.  I had been part of the planning group.  And many others helped out.  In the end the day went smoothly!  And the kids seemed to pick up something along the way.

The messages are varying and working as a Christian amongst addictions professionals I was pleasantly surprised to see that Christian principles seemed to populate the addictions messages we were sending to the high school kids.  Not everything was as I would want, but in general, not bad for a publicly funded event!!

May more of these cooperative ventures happen.


Thursday, October 14th, 2010

For the last 1/2 a year I have been working with a small team to pull together a drug and alcohol awareness day for high schoolers in Unity, Saskatchewan.  We’ve called it TTYL (Talking To Youth Live). 

We began with the premise that fun could make things stick in your mind.  And hands-on was always better than just being lectured.  Add to that a random choice of those attending so that you are not goofing off with friends and this should work.

It means I’m off early to Unity, a bit more than an hour’s drive.  I’ll need to be there by 8:00 in the morning.  The day’s activity in Unity will finish around 2:30 or 3:00.  Then I’ll head back as soon as a few things are cleaned up, watch our local high school team play a bit of football, then – after a suitable supper repast – head off to our church’s youth group.  By 111:00 in the evening I should be back in my bed.

I’ll call this my youth day.  I enjoy working with youth.  I enjoy working with those who work with youth. 

Should be an enjoyable day!!

Long into the day

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

I have been given strength for this day.  As I approach a busy season, my early morning rising means that by mid-evening I’m coming to an end.  Not a total stop, just an end of activity.

So, now I’m sitting here at the computer and resting in the soft swoosh of the computer keyboard and the blinking cursor that keeps my mind focused.

There is truly a sense of accomplishment when a day finishes with measurable achievements.  Today I could measure that in people talked to, an administration load lessened, and a children’s club attended.

And what makes that even more exciting is that the tasks help other people accomplish their own goals and increase their opportunities for relationship.  Above all that are the God Times where I sense God’s pleasure in what I do, and I sense others sensing God Moments in their own lives.

And so, as I write this, I’m tired but satisfied.  May your day also be blessed with that type of ending!!