Long into the day

I have been given strength for this day.  As I approach a busy season, my early morning rising means that by mid-evening I’m coming to an end.  Not a total stop, just an end of activity.

So, now I’m sitting here at the computer and resting in the soft swoosh of the computer keyboard and the blinking cursor that keeps my mind focused.

There is truly a sense of accomplishment when a day finishes with measurable achievements.  Today I could measure that in people talked to, an administration load lessened, and a children’s club attended.

And what makes that even more exciting is that the tasks help other people accomplish their own goals and increase their opportunities for relationship.  Above all that are the God Times where I sense God’s pleasure in what I do, and I sense others sensing God Moments in their own lives.

And so, as I write this, I’m tired but satisfied.  May your day also be blessed with that type of ending!!

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