Tried and tired go together

These past few weeks I have tried a number of new things.  From eye surgery to sermon approaches to differing daily routines.

Interestingly, the words in English – tried and tired. . . have the same letters.  And would appear at first glance to be the same words.  To persevere in trying is also to experience a sense of tired.

Right now, I’m tired.  Not exhausted.  Not discouraged.  Not overwhelmed. 

Just tired.

And trusting for rest in the next few days.

Another one of those things yet to try.  I’m off to cataract surgery for my other eye and when I walk out of surgery I will no longer need glasses (actually I may need reading glasses, but not much else).  The equipment that has graced my nose for the last fifty or so years will no longer be necessary.

I talked to another cataract surgery patient who had surgery the same day I did.  She is keeping her glasses because she is so used to them.  They have a blank lens, but they will still be on her face.

Perhaps I also will keep the frames when they are no longer needed. 

Somedays you just don’t need to change – it makes no difference – and who knows, you might look better with glasses frames than without glasses frames!

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