An old past-time renewed

One of the fond memories of times with my dad was rummaging through junkyards trying to find just that unique and exquisite piece!  The piece didn’t need to be practical or useful.  Just unique.

Like the time we picked up some seatbelts.  They just looked neat.  Didn’t fit any car we owned.  Couldn’t be adapted to any car we owned.  Weren’t useful for any car we owned. 

But they were unique.

The time spent was not so much about the prize – this was male bonding.

And so today, I was reminded of the richness of life as we (my wife and I – this was marriage bonding!) wandered through Buck’s Auto Parts in Saskatoon.  The field was just abandoned car upon abandoned car.  Lined up in Ford, Chrysler and GM order.

We found the small parts we were looking for, extracted them and returned to the office.  There the owner looked over the treasures, said they weren’t really worth much and ushered us out the door with a smile and “no need to pay.”

What a day!  What a bargain!  And by that I mean a true bargain – the last time I picked up this part at our local GM dealer the cost was well over $100.00.

Came home and the piece worked perfectly.  Now, isn’t that a great day!!

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