Mine Eyes Have Seen

Surgery went well.  Even as the hours tick by, I’m seeing better and better. 

As I was warned, there is a redness that appears in front of the eye.  I understand this has to do with the bright light that is used during surgery.

As far as bruising or blood shot eyes, I’m in very good shape.  In fact, just looking at me you would not know I had eye surgery. 

I’ll continue a regimen of eye drops four times a day.  Within a few weeks, I’ll be headed to an optometrist to see what I can see.  From what I can see now, there will probably only be a need for reading glasses.  If that is so, I’ll be in very good shape.

Meanwhile, the sun in brighter, the leaves more colorful and my spirit is joyful!

3 thoughts on “Mine Eyes Have Seen

  1. great advances in medicine mean many wondeful cures for previously untreatable conditions. so glad it has made a difference in your sight. enjoy the miracles of modern medicine. God bless.

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