Back home – then off again!

I’m newly arrived in town from 30 hours off-site. 

Our senior pastor’s network (SPN) met in North Battleford.  We discussed plans for entry points into our communities, talked of our own lives and prayer needs and watched a movie together.  All good things that continued to bond us together and to help us disciple each other.

Tomorrow morning is another adventure.  My wife, Jill, has been experiencing heart troubles once again.  For over a third of a century I have lived with Jill knowing that her heart was fragile and had experienced problems from birth.  For all the obstacles to a “normal” life, she has been one of the most animated and active people I have known. 

But today, she was tired.  And has experienced this heart exhaustion more often lately.  We’ll see what our cardiologist says tomorrow – we’ll be visiting him at 2:30.  You can pray with us for clarity for the doctor and wisdom for us.


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