Inconclusive to date

The cardiologist says – “Let’s do some more tests.” 

With tests taken up to today, there was no real conclusion on my wife’s heart condition.  We know there are a number of potential problems creating a tightening of the chest, shortness of breath and tiredness.

So, over the next short while we’ll see what further tests can determine.  Perhaps this is continuation of congenital heart problems or, hard to imagine, this is related to just getting old.

Now, that’s a true sign of God’s grace.  Jill should have shuffled off this mortal coil years ago.  With her heart problems she should never have made old (or is the “older”) age.  And now we are here, thankful for the years and looking forward to more!

3 thoughts on “Inconclusive to date

  1. Jill- keep going; your gallant spirit has always made your Dad and I look at you in awe. I can see you still as a little tot at the Sick Children’s Hospital hailing everyone in sight, nurses, doctors and visitors, riding a little tricycle down the hall there. Bandages, needles, operations, through it all, such a cheerful, tiny, little girl, always making everybody smile !! That’s our girl ! So proud of your fighting spirit, Jill. Get as much rest as you can and never give up. We need you, infact , the whole world needs you !! Love you forever, MOM

  2. In this time of uncertainty, I pray for yet a longer time together for you. May God see you through this uncertain time and carry you into the future. sincerely: Gerald

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