Long days?

I suppose every day has 24 hours.  And every week 7 days.  And every year 365 days (other than leap years!).

So why is it that we say – that was a long day?

I suppose there is a toll that stretches the minutes internally within ourselves.  A heavy hearted day means that the minutes weigh upon us, slowing us down.  A light hearted day means laughter puts a bit of helium into our steps, raising us above our problems.

Days that are longest can be either heavy or light.  When we are criticized, minimized, categorized, marginalized or even just laughed at, our steps getting longer, and our day stretches interminably. 

“Burdens are lifted at Calvary,” is an appropriate phrase from an old hymn our parents used to sing.  In that situation, we place the burden of our day on Jesus.  Easier said than done.  But when done, when we accept that we are burdened and that we cannot carry it all ourselves, somehow just even speaking out a prayer that shoves the burdens Jesus way is helpful. 

A few days ago I prayed for someone whose burdens frightened me – only Jesus could truly understand them!   I’m not sure that we solved all the problems, but we headed in the right direction. 

Reposition the burdens of your long day.  Sleep well!

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