The end in sight

Since March I have been on assignment. 

Tim Crump, a friend of mine, asked me to prepare his books and help to sell them.  This was not a selfish request.   This was a request given on his death bed. Before his passing he added a codicil to his will, requesting that I complete this task on behalf of his estate.

I have taken this seriously, while trying to accomplish this task along with my regular tasks in life.  Until this past week, this seemed to have been a task that just grew.  Over 3,500 volumes were to be found in his library.  Even with scanning equipment I was often only able to catalog around 50 volumes an hour, sometimes fewer.  And the hours proved to be few as well – life can be crowded!!

So, this past week I put a push on.  And now I can see a finish line approaching.  Probably only 12 hours of cataloguing is still needed.  My goal is to finish before the year ends. 

At that point the family will be given opportunity to pick books they would like for their own libraries.  Then we will sell the remaining volumes.

I feel privileged to have been given this task.  And now, as I see an end in sight, I’m glad that I will be able to honor Tim’s wishes.  These are the tasks that love calls us to, and lovingly done expresses the godly task of loving our neighbors.  To those who oversee Tim’s estate, thank you for the opportunity!

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