Sunday evening the favoured football team (my favourite!) lost.  This was the last game of the season, the finals!  To get this far was exemplary.  To lose was disappointing.  But as this province is fond of saying – “there’s always next year.”

Monday and Tuesday I have been watching books.  In an attempt to get some final cataloguing done I’ve slipped into a basement where the books are housed.  At any spare moment.  My calculation says that I should be done in less than 10 hours of work.  My only problem is that I find sparing that many hours means a week or two of time.  But soon the tedious work will be done.

My other watching regards our son’s next holiday season.  We’re not sure when that will happen (he’s on board a ship working in stage management).  Perhaps for Christmas.  Perhaps not.  We’ll just watch to see what happens.

It’s as though the whole idea of the Advent season gets put into my daily life.  Anticipation, wondering and hope fit into this season.  And so, I’m learning what that means in new ways.

I wonder what the next area of watching and waiting will be?  Perhaps that blizzard that I hope will come each year (but never really does), will materialize in the next few days.  Or not!

We’ll see.  Keep watching!

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