The bases we touch

Today began with a regional community group meeting.  Then home to talk to our local newspaper people about upcoming community plans.  Then off to a talk with someone from another local church.  Then set up for our local Christmas program.  As the day wore on, a nominating committee meeting, a prayer meeting and further set up for our Christmas program.

These are the bases I ran around today.  Now I’m home and the final base is a great place to be!

One thought on “The bases we touch

  1. Wonderful idea ! Walking through the mall here in Belleville, I wondered looking at the faces of the crowds, in the food court area and shopping, how many had received a personal touch or a personal invitation to a Christmas celebration or a concert. Maybe an invitation that was out of their ordinary experiences. This year for some reason I sensed a different quality of spirtt at the mall – less enthusiasm, less excitement over the season, less hilarity, and less good will. Could be the economy or depression ?? No doubt about it Christmas means very little if you don’t know the Lord and how He loves us.

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