The mystery

The church parking lot was cleared.  The drifts had been high – some almost as tall as each of us there. 

When we had arrived for preparation before our Sunday morning church service, we had seen a Bobcat (a small dozer) starting to clear the lot.  Soon after graders arrived and a beehive of activity appeared. 

Snow was shoved to either end of the lot.  The piles grew high while the drifts disappeared from the center of the lot.  As we prepared for our Sunday activities, the outdoor activity continued.  By the time others began to arrive the lot was easily accessible.

Now, we had no idea who had done this.  One or two possibilities.  Today we had confirmation.  So I’ve sent out our sincerest thanks.  As it happens, Danny is our neighbor just across from the church.  He recognized we would have trouble getting into the parking lot, so called on some people to clear the lot.  This is great to have good neighbors.


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