This is the day

From 1:30 – 5:30 today I ran from appointment to appointment.

That’s not usual.  Usually I have a moment or two, or more, in between.  Today I finished farewell sentences as I headed out the door.  Each appointment was completed.  And the next awaited.

Interestingly, as I gauged the moments after the end of these hours, I felt refreshed.

Perhaps busyness can also bring about a certain lightness in a day.  I find accomplishing something is refreshing to me.  And back to back opportunities continue the refreshment.

I came home and told my wife maybe she should be booking my life so that I could run from one thing to the next.  And then I remember the days where I was running and my children missed a moment or more of my life.

So, somewhere in between is the center of life.  Refreshed but not bypassing others!

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