The order of the day

Flexibility keeps you from getting bent out of shape.  My appointment calendar changed as the day progressed.

So today, I spent time with two people who surely are the salt of the earth.  Ann farmed with her husband in small town Saskatchewan.  Recently she has moved to Kindersley.  Her accommodations are nice.  The view is nice.  The people are nice.  And she is adjusting.

The second person is a Salvation Army officer.  Mike first came on my radar in 1994.  He had been in Prince Albert for a year.  We both ended up just over a decade in Prince Albert.  The friendship continues and our coffee time was enjoyable.  We even started talking the “retirement” word.  Funny, when we first met we were just settling into our 40’s and considered young bucks! 

Now look at us!  Young at heart and older in body.

And now I settle in to prepare a devotional for tomorrow for the seniors at Caleb Village.  This is one of those very enjoyable groups that inspire me!  And they always provide tea time following!

May your day be ordered as God sees fit.  And often that means the unexpected tucked into the scheduled!

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