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  1. This post got me to thinking about grandpa’s crokinole board that we used to play on. So I googled crokinole and discovered that boards average $125-$170. AVERAGE… and some are absolutely gorgeous (which of course ups the price even more).

    Even so I was thinking that I would buy one for Ross Payant NH so that mom and I could play. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! I am going to hunt through eBay and Kijiji… (:

  2. Hey, sis, go for it! Crokinole is just one of those games that work. You can be 9 or 90 and still love it. We do a modified tournament. Yesterday we had 11 boards going at one time with 22 teams. They were given five minutes to get as many points as possible (didn’t cancel out points so you could rack up a lot of points in each game). Then we switched teams to match a different set of opponents. After 5 or 6 “games” we tallied the points. Great fun – and then the youth sat with their senior partners and talked. We finally had to pull them away – which is a great sign!

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