Monthly Archives: January 2011


As we pulled into our church parking lot this morning I saw an imposing sight.  A show bank as high as a car!

More impressive?

A tractor was removing snow.  Unasked for, as far as I know.  But gratefully welcomed.  And then, shortly after – much before our services were to begin – two graders joined.  In short order the parking lot was cleared!  Each person that attended on this “snow day” was able to park with ease!

And here’s the smile on my face.  One of the church children came up to me after morning service.  He pointed to the high pile of snow at the end of the parking lot.  He almost jumped up and down.  “I’m going to come back this afternoon with my dad and slide down that hill!”

Amazing the gifts we are given out a pile of white stuff!

At home

The wind blew.  A bit of snow fell.  I stayed home!

Not that there wasn’t work to do.  As a matter of course, I was working for the full day on my sermon.  From polishing words to completing a powerpoint. 

And now it is 9:00 in the evening.

I’m thankful for storm days.  They cover our home and place me in a cocoon.  Although I stepped out to clean the driveway, I didn’t go anywhere.  Instead all day could be focused on the present task.  I almost consider this a working sabbath!

May your morrow be a new entry into a new day with Jesus at your side.

Year end review

Well, the year has ended.

And today I was writing a report on my work at the Kindersley Alliance church for 2010.

When your face is most often to the front you miss the past and the future.  Not that you don’t lift your head every once in awhile.  And not that God doesn’t place visions in your sight.

But sometimes you just forget.

Piling line upon line I realized we have been working to accomplish the work of the Kingdom of God.  That includes working with individuals to increase their awareness of God and desire to be more Christlike.  That means working with the community to bring the peace of Christ to others and to be at peace, as much as within us lies.  And that means having a broad vision for the world for Christ.

I head to bed thankful.  At the same time there is much to do.  God is faithful and keeps pushing us forward.

Thanks be to God.

Noiseating or Nauseating

I was listening to a podcast this morning where the speaker slurred over the word “nauseating.”  It sounded like “noiseating”.

And I began to wonder! 

Are we in a culture where we are constantly bombarded with sound, light, information, activity?  Does our culture seem to leave us behind while we try to get ahead?  Is there so much noise that we crave quiet?

Have we become “noiseated”, queasy and uncomfortable?  Is a sabbath the concept that needs recovered?  Will we rationalize our sabbaths so that they are just busy days without pay?

I guess I’m writing this as I head into the final hours of my day off!  I woke up a bit inclined to go back to work, or to cover some work issues during the day.  Rather, I’ve been turning to times of prayer and chatting with people.

Good day – not so “noiseated” today!

Feels like the first day

Today I went to work.  Although New Year’s day and the next day were spent in preparing sermons, preaching and leading a hymn sing, today felt different.

As though this were the start of the new year.  Which in  sense it was.  So, I looked over things that were to become my next few days work.  Some were postponed, some happened today and more to come.  And new and exciting opportunities are just around the corner.

Stay tuned!


Here in Kindersley we have a School of Wellness taking place over the next few months.  The weekly sessions on Wednesday nights give instruction on having good physical health – which includes what to eat, attitudes and spiritual direction (an interesting area which our ministerial will help out with in the School!) – will be in competition with a nearby town, Rosetown.  The final winners will be judged on loss of weight – which will be one sign of good health.

At the same time, CBC radio is trying to bring forward the plague of obesity in our country.  From that I bring forward a short phrase that distinguishes what some people think are restaurants to avoid.

The King, The Clown and the Colonel

I can see them in my mind right away.  We quit the Colonel a few years ago – great taste but stomach problems always followed.  The Clown has not been on our radar for a while either.  And the King has no presence in Kindersley – so I don’t even think of attending.

Hopefully we will all consider our own health.