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On my way home!

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Well, our car’s personality appears to be very magnetic.  Driving the Oldsmobile Intrigue home this evening, the car was struck by another appearance – right out of a parking lot and into it’s path.

Thankfully there were no injuries, but another fender is dinged up.  About a month ago some slight damage was done to the other fender.  Now this one.  Maybe if I leave the car parked on the street someone will hit the rear end.

Oh well.  We were thinking of getting a newer car.  Just maybe not as soon as this.

So, what gets good gas mileage, looks decent and comes in under $10,000 (I cringe to think that we might have to pay that much!)?  Any comments?

Tread the verge of Jordan

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

I always liked that phrase.  The next phrase says, “bid my anxious fears subside.”

Today I sat in our local seniors manor.  There you will find those who are not only treading the verge of Jordan, they have their toes on the shore.  Now, with Alzheimer’s, I’m not sure the depth of anxious fears.  For others, whose minds are ready – their spirits may not be so.

That’s where I find a trust in Jesus makes a difference.  Sure, there is the matter of being torn by family ties.  Or disturbed by those we will not continue to invite into our daily lives.  But, overall, there is also a sense of anticipation of the next adventure.

Where I have friends with such an outlook, the visit is inspiring.  I guess it’s the others who quiver at the coldness of the crossing that make me sad.  And also make me want to continue to visit and present a better way – the way through Jesus that leads to the other side with joy, while living here in peace!

How we grow into fame

Friday, February 25th, 2011

We have a friend who writes puns and jokes on his Facebook page.   Not just any friend – he’s a pastor (I guess that puts him into a world of his own).  Not just any comments – but ones that carry a groan or hummph or some other odd expression.

Not that he probably started things that way.  He probably just had an itchy funny bone one day.

And now this train of thought has railroaded his facebook page.  When we read his comments, we seem to enjoy a new twist of face – brought on by a twisted sense of humor.

Now Jill, my good wife, usually checks out Facebook for me.  So I wait with baited (like a fish!) breath to hear the latest.  Here’s one:

Does anyone else feel like Chilean miners have gone too mainstream since their dramatic rescue? I think I liked them better when they were a little more underground.

And one more just for you car fans

Saw these guys driving a Ford while eating nachos, hitting piƱatas and wearing sombreros. I think it was a Fiesta.

Here’s one Jill laughed at

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today! They left a little note on the windshield, it said “Parking Fine.” So that was nice.

I guess Facebook is good for something!

Home again

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Arrived back in Kindersley at 6:30.

I must admit, I’ve had a great last few days.  Just sitting and organizing things. 

A weird relaxation, you say!  Yes, I suppose compared to the majority of the population.  Nevertheless, give me a day of cataloguing or describing or organizing and I come away feeling refreshed.  Maybe this will be my retirement income?

So, how do you describe your occupation for tax purposes?  Organizer (that sounds a little to union based), describer (that sounds like a writer), or how about straightener-upper (that sounds like putting plates back in place in the cupboard)? 

What would you suggest?

To file or not to file

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

As I sit her tonight, I have pretty well completed wandering through my father’s files.  He has been described as being a careful man.  He collected receipts, statements, journalled activities and generally left more of a trail than an archivist could hope for.

The real thing was to decide what stayed and what didn’t.  Generally published material that is held elsewhere could be discarded.  Any general correspondence with addresses or personal identifiers was shredded.  Any unique materials that help to explain my parent’s life was considered for keeping.

And when all is said and done – I guess there is an art to archiving.  I’ve taken the idea that, should I decide to write my father’s story, what would I need?  Lots can go, but some has stayed.  I’ll just have to see if I can get it all packed in the car!

From story to sermon

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

A year and a half ago I wrote a story.  Called it Jos and Jerry.

A writer’s aid is the setting where he writes.  In this case it was a cabin on a lake in Northern Saskatchewan.  For a few days I wrote while my wife enjoyed the view (which I also enjoyed, although not as frequently!).

The story was based in two real life characters – Josiah and Jeremiah.  Jews a few centuries before Jesus.  One a king, the other a prophet/priest.  Both about the same age.  Both committed to God.  Both apparently friends.

I took a bit of license in the writing.  I made them contemporary – a business person and a religious personality.  Both just into their twenties.  Both about to change their worlds.

I’ve been waiting to preach on these two.  This coming Sunday I will roll out some thoughts.  Mostly on being compatriots together.  You can try to change the world yourself.  But you will do affect your community, you country, your world best if you do it with someone else!

Real simple message, but not as easily implemented.  This is not merely project management.  These two seem to have been friends who just fell into projects together – because the projects fulfilled their heart’s desires.

I wonder if we can find those types of partners who are ready to change the world with us?  If you have not found this person, regardless of your age, are you willing to look for a life-long partner (in this case I’m not talking about your wife, but someone else)?  Have you asked God who that might be?

Oh, and BTW – Josiah and Jeremiah seem to have been opposites.  Don’t dismiss your worst critic.  They may be just the one!

Middle of Nowhere

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Here I am in Lafleche, Saskatchewan.  Yesterday, following our church meeting, I mentioned where I was headed.  Two people gave that quizzical look that says “I’ve no idea where that is.” 

I can thoroughly understand that.  Put a “la” in front of any town and you look for French roots.  You might suppose a northern Saskatchewan town.  Perhaps where voyageurs wandered through the province.  Probably not on the rail line where British influenced companies named the towns.

If you are looking for the map coordinates, find Assiniboia, Saskatchewan or Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan in southwest Saskatchewan, Canada.  Then look where you wouldn’t expect a settlement somewhat on the third point of a triangle south of Gravelbourg or west of Assiniboia,  I chose those two towns because they are the largest cosmopolitan areas close to Lafleche.  And I use the term, “cosmopolitan” very loosely!

As far as a town, there are three churches I have discovered (I think there may be one more).  A local COOP store, a seniors centre, a coffee/merchandise shop and motel are all found on main street.  Fanning out from there are a few streets which accommodate a smallish population of well less than 1,000 people.

If you want to find  yourself, you won’t have to worry about getting lost here.  And so these next few days I will deal with my father’s estate and shed busyness for an opportunity to relax!  In the terms of another day and age – these will be “holy-days”.

Looking forward!

Incidences of coincidence

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

I was about to step out the door to deliver Meals on Wheels.  Someone phoned to say the church front door wasn’t working.  Well, I could get over there just in time.  And as I arrived, someone phoned to check out the church for a funeral.  Meanwhile our son is driving up from Regina and arrives just as other activities are winding down.  He repacks and is off to an overnight stay in Saskatoon and a flight down to the Caribbean.  Meanwhile. tomorrow in Saskatoon, we will pick up the car he has been using.

That’s just a few hours time in the journey of life.  Some days I feel like the direction of life must be set by someone else’s clock.  And, I suppose I would be right!!

Upon reflection

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Last night a group of around 70 citizens got together to talk about Drugs and Alcohol in Kindersley.  The evening forum went well – good food to eat and good discussion around the tables.

Upon reflection a few things . . . drugs and alcohol are a reflection of deeper issues . . . a community needs to stand behind enforcement . . . to those dealing drugs we need to let them know this is not acceptable . . . “warning: this message may offend some of you” . . . there is enough momentum to keep going!

So, let’s see where this takes us!

In the thinking mode!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

For the past few months I  have been thinking.  Not just normal thinking – like whether to eat oatmeal or Cheerios.  Or whether I should use a black pen or a blue pen.

No, I’m taking time thinking about beliefs and convictions.  Too often we merely come close to issues and wait.  Sometimes that is the right place to be, as God asks us to be still and know!  Sometimes it is not.

When the issue stands in front of us, perhaps the best thing to do is confront!  I can’t say I’ve walked through the path to a conclusion.  But I am on  the road.  I’m seeking God’s thinking, and the thinking of others who also seek God.

I find that this type of thinking arises, almost on a regular basis.  I could wish that God would dump all wisdom on me all at once!  Not so!  But I’m thankful for God’s promise that if we ask for wisdom he will give generously to those who ask.

So, I’m asking and trusting.