Our changing block

In 2005 we moved onto a short block in Kindersley, Saskatchewan.  The houses were populated with seniors – we were almost the youngest people on the block!

Now, six years later we are welcoming a new family into a home just a few houses down and across the street.  They are friends with 3 young boys.  Next to them is another young family, and across the street are three young children eager to meet them.  Directly across our street is a family whose teens are just moving into their twenties.  A young couple lives next to us.

Emily and Rita are still stalwarts on the block.  They don’t seem to age but have been here since their homes were built in the 1960’s.  I imagine they will soon move and youth will continue to invade our space.

Which I welcome and love!!  Weekly I have the enjoyment of working with some of our children’s and youth programs.  I’ve tried to slowly inch my way out of these activities, but my heart is still there. 

Change is good!

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