I love listening to music that is an expression of the musician(s). 

Today at music festival, the equivalent of a music recital but for more people, a friend of ours played clarinet.  Not just well, but very well. 

Vanessa is one of those “kids” who grew up around us over the last 6 years.  Last year my wife played for her at music festival.  This year the pieces increased just slightly and Jill was also busier.  The reins of the piano were turned over to another friend, Wayne Gibson. 

Put the two together on a Mozart extravaganza and the evening was magical.  The adjudicator thought so as well. 

He started the adjudication by talking about being a performer, not about the instrument or technique (both of which she has a great ability to master).  He said, “When you go on, and you will go on,”  and proceeded to talk about stage presence.

High praise for a young lady of 16.  In years to come I hope to have the privilege of hearing her reach greater heights.

Thanks, Vanessa – well done!