I’m listening to an evangelist on DVD.  Sermons that inspire!

John Bevere is not necessarily my style of speaker.  And sometimes his big swathes of ideas are crowned by illustrations that push towards the unbelievable.  But, I think my downfall in life may be belittling instead of accepting the improbable.

Perhaps that is where repentance comes in some days.  Someone figured repentance (see a previous post) is being able to take a hold of a new possibility because the one holding forth the possibility is credible.  To take a hold of that possibility is to leave behind that which shackles us to the lesser things of life.

And so, I want to be open to new things!  Not to presume on God to do what I want but to look for what God wants.  I guess that’s why I pray for wisdom.  To know and to hold onto that which God wants for me.